Candy Corn Melodies: A Game to Practice so-mi

I was going through my files recently and discovered a little gem! I'll admit I'm not even sure what I originally created it for. It looks like some sort of celebration for a milestone I hit in followers a few years ago. 

I imagine it was for a limited time, but, again, I don't recall! I couldn't find anything about it on my blog. It's such a cute little game that I had to make it available again. Rather than put this file in my store, I am just going to make it available through my blog just in time for candy corn season. :-D 

The game is "Candy Corn Melodies". Not my most original title. Lol! But it definitely tells you what's going to be happening in the game. ;-)

To prepare this game, simply print out the pages on heavy paper. I prefer card stock, but regular paper has worked just fine for me in the past as well. I then cut out the pieces (kids are great for that if you have your own kids or students that volunteer to do things. Free labor! ;-) ) and laminate. Now, know that I laminate ev.ery.thing as I absolutely HATE cutting things out to replace destroyed items. You can certainly skip that step. I also know color ink is expensive and I had the black lines of this particular clip art. How cure would these be on a fun yellow or orange paper!?! You could even do a bunch of different colors if you are making lots of sets. Easy clean-up and no mix-up between the sets. 

This particular free version would probably on work with partners or maybe three in a group as it is just s-m melodies. The students match the melody using the first letters of the solfege to the melody on a three line staff. I'm sure your imaginations and ingenuity could come up with different ways of using these.

Off the top of my head, a memory game, an "I have- Who has" game, a center game.... I'd love to hear how you use this in YOUR classrooms.

How ever you choose to use this file, please be respectful of my intellectual work and follow the terms of use outlined within. To get yours, simply click on any of the pictures that will send you to my Google Drive, click on the arrow in the upper right hand corner, and the file is yours! I hope your students enjoy.

If you and your students enjoy this, please check out the s-l-m and d-r-m versions available in my store!