June: Small Goals Linky

Summer is the perfect time for a teacher to complete some goals we may not otherwise get to! Thanks, Jennifer, over at The Yellow Brick Road for hosting this and inspiring me to write out some of my goals for the month of June. After all, isn't writing them down supposed to make you more accountable for actually completing them? Let's hope so! :-)

So here it goes:

Goal 1: Get Organized!

Um, I'm not even going to lie and say that's my desk. It's not. I'm more of an organized piles kind of girl. I don't think that habit is going to go away any time soon. When we clean house, I always have to tell my kids which piles to leave alone because they are related to some project I'm doing. Instead of fighting this way of thinking (I've always been this way), I'm going to embrace it and tweak it just a bit so my piles are in one space only instead of by my bed and on my nightstand, on my coffee table, on my desk, etc--I'm sure you get the idea.

Goal 2: Get Knitting!

For personal reasons, I decided I was going to do homemade Christmas gifts for my children this year. We like all things geeky in this household so I thought I'd learn to double knit and knit each of my three kids a blanket featuring some of their favorite geeky things. I got the idea from Lattes and Llamas who have some great patterns for Geek-a-Long Squares to follow!

I have four squares of one blanket done.

My goal for June is to get at least four more done. Double knitting takes a while. And...I'm just a slow knitter.

At the rate I'm going, my children may get a small surprise gift and the current piles of squares that are done. *sigh*  Good thing they are teenagers and Christmas isn't quite as "magical" as when they were littles.

Goal 3: Stop and Smell the Roses!

I'm great at making goals. I'm great at starting things and getting involved in all sorts of projects (Exhibit A: deciding to make three knit blankets before Christmas. What were you thinking?!?). I'm also really good at over scheduling myself which sometimes results in a stressed out not-so-fun person to be around.  I'm making it my goal this summer that despite the things I currently have to do, I'm going to stop just a little more to smell those roses in life. Whether it's a moment to snuggle or hang out and talk with my kids, marveling at the beauty of a fabulous sunset, enjoying nature as I go for a hike or work in my garden, or even in the taking advantage of something just silly like National Hotdog Day (which is around July 23rd ;-) ). I realize this precious time of year is an important part of recharging as a teacher, and I feel it's an important part of being a great parent all year round. SO this June, I will not forget to stop and smell the roses!

Hope you all make and complete some of your personal/educational/professional goals in this month of June and throughout the summer! If you'd like to read about other teachers' goals, take this link back over to Jennifer's blog, The Yellow Brick Road, read her post, and at then follow the links to other great teacher pages that are linked up at the bottom.

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  1. Thanks for linking up Malinda! It looks as though you are way ahead of me on the knitting thing. I have several balls of yarn and lots of good intentions, but somehow, they never turn into anything ;)