Making May Musical Linky Party: Teacher Appreciation Week and a SALE!

Two blog posts in one day?!?! I'm on a roll. ;-)

I am so excited to be participating in the site-wide Teacher Appreciation sale this Tuesday and Wednesday (May 5th-6th) on Teachers Pay Teachers! My entire store will be marked down 20% and there will be a code you can enter in the checkout to save even more!

Thanks to Tina over at "The Totally 'Tuned-In' Teacher", I'm joining a linky party about the up and coming sale. I will blog about one product I am excited to have in the sale, one product I'm excited to maybe buy from another seller's store, and a clip art set I may purchase.

One of the products I'm excited about selling during this sale is my "Popping Good Time" time signature activity.

Recently, my 2nd grade students were presented with time signature. I will be giving them the popcorn rhythms. Each popped kernel is one measure. (Kernels for the 3rd grade level shown)

The students are going to be matching the time signatures to the popcorn. (There are full color and low color printing options for this activity. No black & white. Although you could just print the low color option using a black and white printer.)

My 3rd grade students will be doing the same activity, but they will be given the time signatures as we traditionally see in written music and must match the rhythms to the time signature. 

I love this activity not only because it's fun and the students love it, but it's also super easy to prepare and that's a plus this time of year when my energy level is starting to wane a bit. ;-)
A product from another seller's store that I'm excited about is Amy Abbott's "Pizza Pie" recorder song and activity pack.
I am always looking for new and fun activities for recorder and this file looks like it definitely satisfies both those criteria! I've been pleased with my previous purchases from Amy's store so I know this will be a great one as well.

A set of clip art I've been eyeing and will perhaps finally purchase this sale is Teaching in the Tongass' "Smiley Food Pairs" clip art set.

I've been looking at this set for a while. I was sitting in a professional development (PD) for English Language Arts (ELA) a couple years ago and created the basics to an activity to go along with an assignment we were required to do as part of the PD. I've got the fun part of this figured out, and it's been rattling around in my brain on and off since that PD day. Now I've just got to flesh out the details and try it out on my kids. ;-)

Well, there you go! Hoping you all find some terrific deals and great activities for your students this sale, and I just want to say how much I appreciate all of you who help me make my products better by providing feedback and put a smile on my face. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Don't forget to click on the pic below that will take you back to Tina's blog where you can read her post and check out all the other people who've linked up. Enjoy!

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