$2 Tuesday Music Flash Sale!!!

I decided that I really wanted to share "Los Pollitos" with as many people as possible!  So why not put it up for a $2 Tuesday Music Flash Sale???

**This item will be $2.00 on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 ONLY, and then it will return to it's regular purchase price.**

Los Pollitos really is one of my all time favorite Spanish song to teach to my little Kindergarten and 1st grade students. :-) It is so easy to learn, my students love acting out the song (which also helps them remember the words), and now that I've extended it to practice "Ta" and "Ti-Ti" my students will be that much better off rhythmically too! If you'd like to read more about what is included in these pages, head on over to the post I published HERE.

You can also just head on over to my store by following the hyperlinked image of my product above.

To find what other music teachers have posted for this Flash Sale, simply type in the search bar "$2TuesdayMusicFlashSale"!

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Adventures in Rhythm

So many people are taking advantage of the Music Teacher Facebook Frenzy happening NOW starting at my Facebook page until Monday, March 31st!  I took the round myself and I'm so excited about some of the new FREE resources I have for my classroom.

I thought I'd post a little about the activity I offered free for this event and the other versions I'll be posting shortly at my store on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Since I originally made this product, I've renamed it. "Ultimate Rhythm Adventurer" was a bit of a mouthful. I felt "Adventures in Rhythm" was a bit smoother.  Either way, the product is the same. :-)

Included in the packet are 16 pages (2 to a page- 32 rhythms total) of rhythms including "Syncopa", "Ti-Ti", "Ta", and "Rest".

I've also included low color pages for those people who must print their items at home or have a bit more restrictive policy on color printing in the School District.

This group of rhythm cards can be used in an intensive rhythm lesson or spread out over time.  My students seem to work better when they've had time to let things process so I tend to break activities up over numerous weeks.

This is the process I've set up for my classes. ** Remember, however, that all of these processes are suggestions.  Your imagination and student needs make take you elsewhere with these cards. **

In students' first experience with this activity, they each receive a rhythm which they either must read individually, with a partner, or a small group.  Then the class sits in a circle with their assigned rhythm on the floor in front of them.  The teacher decides where the beginning of the circle is, and the class begins keeping a steady beat by patting on their laps.  The challenge of this part of the activity is reading through the rhythms without any person dropping the beat or misreading their rhythm.  If a student  misreads or drops the beat they move one student down toward the end of the circle.

In another session, students receive a rhythm and set up in a circle as before.  They also keep a beat and read rhythms as before, but this time not only do they read their rhythm but also the rhythm of the person to their right.

As an extension of this activity in another session, students are set up as before, but this time the teacher uses the monkey cards to give an extra challenge to students.

When a student receives a monkey card, they must read three rhythms starting with the student on their left, their card, and the student to their right. I would use these cards with very clear instruction beforehand with a couple of students walking through the steps as examples. During the game, I would also make sure students who receive the monkey cards have a couple of students' time to think about what they have to do.

Monkey cards are great for when the game is in a lull or you have some really bright students that need an extra challenge.

In future experiences, students can begin using instruments like lummi/rhythm sticks.  I have a set of bucket drums I plan on using.  For the beat, students will tap on the sides of the drum, and for the rhythm, students will get to tap the top.

After students have had numerous experiences with rhythms and the way the game works, this can be a really fun game for small groups of 6-10 students in a Music Center setting.

These can also be used as individual assessment rhythms.

This is how I've set up using these cards, but I'd love to hear how you use them in your classroom! Let me know either in the comments below or at my store if you purchased them, on my Facebook page, or Twitter feed.


Annoying Aliens! A Center Game for Practicing Ta, Ti-Ti, and Rest

**See the end of this post for links to other versions of this game!**

Those annoying aliens are at it again!

I now have another version that uses quarter note, barred eighth notes, and quarter rest that I've just upload to my Teachers Pay Teachers' store.

This is a great game to have for small groups or music centers!

I made it with anywhere from 2 to 4 players in mind.

Students start out with a stack of rhythm cards face down:

There are also some "human!" cards mixed in.  It's your choice as a teacher how many are included, and they are also face down with the others.

Each student has a four beat rhythm card slipped into a page protector, a dry erase marker, and eraser.

Students take turn drawing rhythm cards.  They each must read and clap the rhythm correctly to receive a point.  If students do not read the rhythm correctly, they do not receive their point.

If they run into a "human!" card, they must compose their own ta, ti-ti, and/rest rhythm AND read it correctly to receive a point.

The student with the most points when the cards run out has gotten back to the mother ship first and is the winner! Or you can play it less competitively where all students must get to "x" amount of points to have gotten back to the ship. 

I've also included low color slides in case you'd like to save some of your ink to another project. :-)

I think your kids will love it!

**UPDATE: 03/26/14** I just added my sixteenth notes version of this game, Tika-Ti version, and Ti-Tika version.


Los Pollitos: A Spanish Song and Activities for Practicing "Ta" and "Ti-Ti"

It's definitely starting to be Spring-like here in Southern Idaho!

I'm loving the sunshine and the warmth we're getting today.  We might even get warm enough to open the house up!

With all this spring and with Easter around the corner, my mind went directly to all the new little cute animals I'm going to see popping up in the pastures around town.

My favorite is the little baby chicks and ducks!

I love the song "Los Pollitos".  I've taught it to my little Kinders and Firsties for years now, but I wanted to build on it more than I've done in the past.

So now entering my classroom and Teachers Pay Teachers Store:

I absolutely fell in LOVE with the clip art I found. So cute!!!

Of course, the first step to this is learning the song.  I've included traditional notation on the staff for the teacher AND a pronunciation guide and translation for those who need some extra help with Spanish. :-)

I thought of numerous activities that can be done with this song all of which reinforce and have students practice "Ta" and "Ti-Ti".

I've included large four beat rhythm cards:

There are both full-color pages and low color pages for all these activities.

There are small (four to a page) rhythm cards.

I've also included some large "Ta" and "Ti-Ti" cards for a composition activity.

I think it's going to be a lot of fun!


Fairy Tale Vocal Exploration {FREEBIE}

My FIRST day of Spring Break!

It. Has. Been. Wonderful!

I've been catching up on some things around my house and managed to get addicted to this television show called "Revolution". I don't have enough of an attention span to just watch a show on Netflix so I've also been working on some of the things I'd like to upload to my store and I happened to run across this simple yet cute and FREE fairy tale clip art on TpT!

With the help of these fun pictures that inspired the project and some other free clip art I've found on TpT, I thought this would be great for some vocal exploration slides for my younger students and even an assessment tool for high and low.

These are a couple slides from the end product, and I thought I'd keep with the FREE part of this find today. :-)

I felt pretty clever using the dragonfly with the knights. 

And here's our crazy wolf trying to get to grandma's house.

Enjoy! Don't forget to rate it if you download and I'd love your feedback! 

Fans Only FREEBIE!

**UPDATE: 04/18/14** This is no longer available as my Facebook "Fans Only Freebie!" My newest fan freebie can be read about HERE.

I decided it was time to add a "Fans Only Freebie!" Tab to my Facebook page!

I've had the activity ready for a couple weeks now, but haven't had the time to figure out the ins and outs of Shortstack with commitments to the mad rush of Concerts/Plays (both my own and my children's) leading up to our Spring Break.

Well, my last big Concert was this past Thursday and I've had some time to think since then!

After some fiddling, I've got it up and running!

Follow the link from the picture, "Like" my page, and get your freebie!  It's that simple!


My "3 Million Teachers Strong" TpT Sale Finds

This last week was the big "3 Million Teachers Strong" site-wide Teachers Pay Teachers sale!  I featured some of the things on my wishlist on the Wishlist Wednesday linky party I participated in last week.

Here is what I actually came out with (it took A LOT of self-control to keep it at the three I allowed myself).

My first find was a great resource for the new music standards that are to be finalized soon. I love Lindsay Jervis' style and I was not disappointed upon purchasing this.  She has taken the "new" standards and written then into student-friendly language.  These standards are a little daunting upon first reading so the student-friendly language was a huge thing for me.  She will even be updating this file as the standards are updated and finalized!

My next find was a set of really cute houses! I have seen many music teachers use the houses to show and introduce different solfege syllables.  I had not heard about this until last summer, but I liked it so much, I thought I would add it as it makes complete sense as a visual of higher and lower sounds and my students love stories!  I will ONLY be including this idea in my personal classroom presentations and lessons, unless requested, as this is not my original idea. :-)

Finally the last thing I allowed myself to purchase was not even on my radar.  In fact, I kind of stumbled upon it and HAD to have it.  I am in the process of creating an activity with these pictures and I'm starting to get really excited for how it's turning out!

More on my last purchase later, but overall I am very proud of myself for staying within the limit I set for myself (cuz I could have easily gone crazy), very excited to work with the things I DID get, and I must give a thank you again to any and all you that supported my store during this last week's sale.  It was a lot of fun! :-)