What's On Your Desk? December Linky Party

Before I make any confessions, I must thank Mrs. Tanenblatt for hosting this linky party!

I love my room. I feel so lucky to have my room.  It's a great space that is full of areas to make music, move, and sing. I feel it's an important part of students' music making to have a clean and organized place to create.

That being said, I will admit my desk is a bit of a resting place for everything that either needs a temporary place to sit or things I don't want to lose. I can be very absent-minded at times. Also, I don't really work at my desk.  I have another computer desk where I have my desk computer and laptop where I do most of my work. That one is not nearly as interesting though. :-)

So, here we go in all it's currently cluttered glory. I hope to get rid of some of the clutter now that my Winter Concerts are over AND because you all are seeing it at its absolute worst but, in all honesty, not too from its regular state. :-p

I ALMOST took a moment to put a watermark on this beauty and then I remembered that probably not too many people would want to claim this as their own. Ha! ;-) 

Woops. Just noticed I haven't changed out my calendar to December yet. :-p Good thing I only currently need it to count down the days to Winter Break! (WOOT!)

You can see my desk calendar on which I put some velcro and slapped it on our fuzzy walls. You can also see where I will be posting the information for my Spring Concerts (magenta and purple papers) for students to be able to reference. I also have some cute little papers under the concert papers on which I put sticky notes of things I need to do.

These pics were taken last week as I was trying to get the last things ready for my 1st-3rd Winter Concert and trying to make sure things were set up for the substitute I was going to have as I set up for the practice/concert.

Above you have a closer look.  You can see my students' folders that they use for papers, worksheets, quizzes, music, etc.  I have them out for the substitute who was doing Cori Bloom's "Peter and the Wolf Listening Journal and Fact Sheets" (Follow the link to read a little more about that and find a link to Cori's store.) Apparently, according to the sub, it all went very well!

You can also see my bursting file folders with short formal assessments for different classes, and permission slips and contracts for my 4th & 5th Grade Honor Choir students.

I am so lucky to get a bit of a budget each year, and I bought the hand bells pictured a few years ago. My students in the Honor Choir performed a hand bell piece with them, and we are also doing some treble clef reading practice over the next couple weeks while playing some Christmas Carols.

Here's a close up of the other side. Again you can see the folders I use with my 3rd-5th students. I have a pic of my kids (from when they were little and cute) on there. You can also see my blue concert programs, my signs to help parents know where to take different grade level kids, tape to mark where students sit, and wire/wire cutters/scissors for my decorations.

You can also see the soprano ukulele I use in class. My 5th grade students have an ukulele concert in the Spring and we've already begun practicing. I do not tape or mark ukuleles in any way (personal preference) so it takes students a little longer to remember chords and how to move between them. So we start as of about a month and a half ago! :-) We've learned C, Am, and we just learned F and practiced moving between F and C. This particular group of students are doing pretty well this year! :-)

So there you go. No, not the tidiest at the moment, but that's what my space looks like at concert time.  Now that I am publishing this for all the world to see AND I have some "free" moments,  I will be cleaning this space.  Maybe I'll even do some "After" pics now that you have the "Before" pics. ;-)


  1. Wow, you've got quite a lot going on! I love all the close-ups you included of the different items. I'm also going to be doing some Christmas carols on handbells in the upcoming weeks- my kids usually love doing that!

    Thanks for linking up!

    Rachel Tanenblatt
    Music With Mrs. Tanenblatt

  2. My desk was always crazy during program time. My desk was always piled high with program flyers, notes, and music. I figured, as long as I could find what I needed quickly, that was all that mattered :)

  3. Malinda, your blog is amazing and I always enjoy reading your new posts!! I've nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award. :) Here's a link of how it's done! http://kellyparrish605.blogspot.com/2015/04/one-lovely-blog-award.html