Bee Bee Bumblebee: Voice Exploration and Movement Activity

This past week my Kindergarten and 1st grade were especially wiggly! I don't know if it was because of the full moon that happened this past week or because this was our first full five day week.  I can only speculate. . .

As I was going through the lesson I had planned with them, it was clear that I needed something different.  Their brains were not focused on what we were doing, and if I didn't pull out a trick of the trade soon, my students who tend to get themselves in trouble if they are not thoroughly involved WOULD soon begin to entertain themselves at their neighbors expense.

Thankfully this observation and then following action all happened in about 30 seconds as soon as I noticed fidgeting. Across the room, I had noticed my tote of puppets. (Yes, I have an entire tote. I was at CostCo a few years ago where I'd always look at the toys and spotted these! I don't recall the exact price now, but they were somewhere along the lines of $2 a piece. STEAL! :-D)

I am preparing high and low in Kindergarten and we're just about to label "so" and "mi" in 1st grade. This idea supported both! :-D

This is certainly not an original idea. I probably learned about it at a conference or observing other master teachers. I don't recall. Wherever it came from, the idea came--I threw out the next activity--and we did this!

I introduced the activity by singing the first part of "Bee Bee Bumblebee" repeated. I had students listen to the song once more, and I explained as they now sang the song a very special friend was going to come visit them. (I needed time to get the puppets! You could certainly change the intro of this activity if you wanted. This is just what popped in my head. It worked, and I used it with every class I did this activity this past week.)

While students sang, I grabbed my bee puppet, put him on my hand, and had him "dance" as I came back to students.  When students were done singing, he went back into his hive (the crook of my arm).  I explained that when we sing the song our friend Bee would come out to "dance". Incidentally, his dance would match the way the pitched moved.

Next, I asked what sound bees make when they are flying around looking for nectar to take back to their hives to turn into honey. After various answers, I told students we were going to help Bee as he flew around looking honey. First we would sing to him when he came out of the hive and then as he flew around we would "buzz" higher if he moved higher and "lower" when he flew lower.  When he went back into his hive we would stop buzzing.

My super cute Cal Toys Brand Bubble Bee Hand Puppets.  I purchased these at CostCo a few years back and unfortunately haven't found them anywhere else for a good price. These have lasted and I hope they continue to last because I love them!

Students loved this! BUT I wanted them to move even more! (I'm not kidding--they were all really wiggly!)

Next I had the students become bees after we sang the song. They would fly up and down as they buzzed while matching Bee. When he went into his hive, students sat down.

Finally, I chose a student to come up. Fortunately, I have two bee puppets so I gave them the one I've marked for students. I love my students, but I draw certain lines when it comes to sharing especially with the viruses that are already floating around out there!

After this ability to wiggle about for a few minutes, we were able to get back to our lesson that while still full of movement activities was more structured than what they could handle at the time.

Hope this idea maybe helps you fill a moment where your students need that little more relaxed movement moment! :-)


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