Five Favorite Pins of July

Thought I'd link up with Aileen Miracle over at Mrs. Miracle's Music Room for her Five Favorite Pins linky party! :-) 

I have to say that I've been quite active on Pinterest the past couple weeks (not always with my school/business boards). It's been a two part activity: 1.) to find ideas for this coming year, and 2.) to avoid having to plan for this coming year. ;-)

Needless to say, I need to get back into school mode.

Although, I've been using Pinterest as a way to avoid planning, I've also found LOTS of great ideas that I am going to be using in my classroom.

Without further ado, here are five of my favorites!

Favorite Pin #1

I like to do a lot of small group activities in my classes. It gives students a chance to work together, use their creative juices for "good" ;-) and I always think it's great for students to assist each other in the learning process.

Sometimes, however, I don't like the time it takes to pass out supplies for small group activities. After all, every minute in music is precious.

Then I happened across this:

A brilliant music teacher put together these "toolkits"!  I love it! I might change out slightly what's included as I'd like students to only have what they need to work with. I could see many of my students getting distracted by all the goodies included in the baskets above. I say this as I know that even I would get distracted if I were handed a container with fun things like these. :-) 

The best thing about this Pin is that I found some PERFECT containers for this at one of our local Dollar Store. Perfect size, perfect price, and pretty bright colors. I bought six. :-D

Favorite Pin #2

Cup games are all the rage right now with the movie Pitch Perfect and the song Cups/When I'm Gone coming out not too long ago. 

I am looking forward to learning this and trying this out with my upper grade (4th/5th) students this coming winter.

Favorite Pin #3

With the beginning of the school year inevitably coming our way, I always take a moment to review mentally what worked and what could be tweaked as I prepare for the new year.

For all my fellow Star Wars fans out there, I was directed to this while participating in the #elmused chat on Twitter. Correct me if I'm wrong readers and fellow Twitter-ists?, but I believe the next elementary music ed chat is Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at 8pm CST. I've learned so much from other teachers and it's fun to talk with others that have the same passion as you. :-) Technology is awesome.

Anyway, back to the pin. One teacher, Elizabeth Nystedt, has created this "Jedi Code of Conduct" for her classroom. Love it for the Star Wars-themed Music Classroom!

Favorite Pin #4

Ran across, quite by accident, the dance and percussion group from Israel called Mayumana.  Loved some of their performances and then noticed on YouTube that there were quite a few tutorials to perform some of their body percussion pieces.

I'm thinking I will use this with my 5th grade students in the Spring when they are starting to get antsy and middle school-y.  I'm thinking I might use the A and B sections as is and perhaps have students experiment with form in small groups and come up with a C section.  Ideas still in the infant stages with that one. . .

Favorite Pin #5

Lastly, I posted this on my Facebook page as I was so excited when I found it!  The website this book is on has a whole bunch of elementary age books that can be projected.

Inevitably, I have at least one student who complains about not being able to see the pictures. Doesn't matter if I say I will show them when I'm done reading the page OR if I slowly show the book across the class as I am reciting the book. To be fair, some of my books are smaller than I'd like.

BUT with this website, you can look up to see if they have the book you'd like, project it using your computer/projector/SMART Board, enlarge it to full screen and voila!-- no complaints. :-)

So there you go! Hopefully you have found some information/ideas you can use in this linky party. I know I have. :-)



  1. I LOVE the idea for music class toolkits! If I had a bigger classroom, I would love to have desks just for students to store everything. However, most of my lessons involve movement, so desks would end up being in the way. I'm always looking for new and different ways to pass out and put away supplies more quickly.

  2. Really great pins, Malinda! I just repinned some of them so I'd remember them for later. Thanks for joining the party! :)