Music Teacher Giveaway!

If you haven't read or heard about the Music Teacher Giveaway yet, then I feel really special being able to tell you about it!

This HUGE Music Teacher Giveaway includes 26 music teachers who have gathered together five giant and different bundles of products from their stores to give away to five lucky winners. Perfect for this time of year as we prepare to enter another school year! It starts this Friday, July 25th and runs through Sunday, July 27th.

So excited for this one as I've seen what's in these different bundles!

Aileen Miracle over at Mrs. Miracle's Music Room gives a wonderful explanation of how to join the different giveaway groups in her blog post that can be found HERE

I am participating in one of the K-2 groups, and Lindsay Jervis over at Pursuit of Joyfulness gives a wonderfully detailed look at ALL the items included in this particular giveaway group at this blog post HERE

This link will take you to Lindsay's FB page where you can enter to win our particular bundle!

If you are wondering what I have included in the bundled for the giveaway, you can read about it HERE (in this blog post ;-) ).

Since we are doing a K-2 bundle I chose to include activities to prepare, present, and practice So-La-Mi. I love these particular products as one can use them in both 1st and 2nd grades quite easily. Four of the six items I am including as my part of the bundle are currently for sale individually in my store. With the first four, you can click on the picture if you'd like to see them in my store. The last two will be uploaded and made available to everyone after the giveaway.

 Number 1 included in my part of the Giveaway Bundle

In this group of printable pages, students will have the opportunity to match snowflake melodies with the word/letter S-M-L card you show or vice versa. You can also print off large or small versions of the cards for a fun memory game where students sing the melody to the cards they turn over and try to find the match!

A great group of activities that will keep your student busy reading & singing S-M-L on a three line staff ANY TIME this winter season!

Number 2 included in my part of the Giveaway Bundle

In this game, students will sing So, Mi, and La on a five lined staff while also reading simple treat rhythms using quarter note and barred eighth notes.

Students gain points for how accurately their group is able to read the treat melodies. The team with the most extra treats for their cup of cocoa wins!

This PDF file is set up with hyperlinks the teacher can click on to progress through the presentation. Instructions for the set up of the game and directions to play are included in the slides.

Number 3 included in my part of the Giveaway Bundle

Your classroom will be able to practice their understanding of S-M and S-L-M on the staff with this colorful activity.

With the no-prep feature, you can open this file in Adobe Acrobat, choose the page/s you want to review/practice with your students, project the pages onto your whiteboard and have a quick and fun Valentine's or sweet candy-themed activity ready to go!

With the prep part of this activity, there are many pages available to print for use in your music classroom. Pages can be used to reinforce SM or SML on the staff, practicing high/low in lower grades, use as flashcards, or even as an assessment tool.

Number 4 included in my part of the Giveaway Bundle

In this game, students will sing So, Mi, and La on a five lined staff while also reading simple gold coin rhythms using quarter note and barred eighth notes.

Students gain points for how accurately their group is able to read the gold coin melodies. The team with the most gold coins from the pot of gold wins!

This PDF file is set up with hyperlinks the teacher can click on to progress through the presentation. Instructions for the set up of the game and directions to play are included in the slides.

These next two items will be brand new to my store this coming week! I am thrilled to be able to share them with you all. Here is a tiny preview of what I've got prepared for you all. :-)

Number 5 included in my part of the Giveaway Bundle

I love the clip art for this file, and my students love playing the game I use for this song. So many giggles and such excitement! Can't wait to share it with you this next week!

Number 6 included in my part of the Giveaway Bundle

I saved my favorite for last! I am really loving the way this song and activities file has come together, and it just keeps getting bigger! I have wanted to do this song for a while but just couldn't find the right clip art (I was very picky about the wolf.). Then I found this set and the file has pretty much put itself together. Again, SUPER FUN game you may or may not know that goes with the song and a great addition to your classroom repertoire and activities. I am just giddy about releasing it next week after the giveaway!


~and GOOD LUCK!~ :-D

Five Favorite Pins of July

Thought I'd link up with Aileen Miracle over at Mrs. Miracle's Music Room for her Five Favorite Pins linky party! :-) 

I have to say that I've been quite active on Pinterest the past couple weeks (not always with my school/business boards). It's been a two part activity: 1.) to find ideas for this coming year, and 2.) to avoid having to plan for this coming year. ;-)

Needless to say, I need to get back into school mode.

Although, I've been using Pinterest as a way to avoid planning, I've also found LOTS of great ideas that I am going to be using in my classroom.

Without further ado, here are five of my favorites!

Favorite Pin #1

I like to do a lot of small group activities in my classes. It gives students a chance to work together, use their creative juices for "good" ;-) and I always think it's great for students to assist each other in the learning process.

Sometimes, however, I don't like the time it takes to pass out supplies for small group activities. After all, every minute in music is precious.

Then I happened across this:

A brilliant music teacher put together these "toolkits"!  I love it! I might change out slightly what's included as I'd like students to only have what they need to work with. I could see many of my students getting distracted by all the goodies included in the baskets above. I say this as I know that even I would get distracted if I were handed a container with fun things like these. :-) 

The best thing about this Pin is that I found some PERFECT containers for this at one of our local Dollar Store. Perfect size, perfect price, and pretty bright colors. I bought six. :-D

Favorite Pin #2

Cup games are all the rage right now with the movie Pitch Perfect and the song Cups/When I'm Gone coming out not too long ago. 

I am looking forward to learning this and trying this out with my upper grade (4th/5th) students this coming winter.

Favorite Pin #3

With the beginning of the school year inevitably coming our way, I always take a moment to review mentally what worked and what could be tweaked as I prepare for the new year.

For all my fellow Star Wars fans out there, I was directed to this while participating in the #elmused chat on Twitter. Correct me if I'm wrong readers and fellow Twitter-ists?, but I believe the next elementary music ed chat is Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at 8pm CST. I've learned so much from other teachers and it's fun to talk with others that have the same passion as you. :-) Technology is awesome.

Anyway, back to the pin. One teacher, Elizabeth Nystedt, has created this "Jedi Code of Conduct" for her classroom. Love it for the Star Wars-themed Music Classroom!

Favorite Pin #4

Ran across, quite by accident, the dance and percussion group from Israel called Mayumana.  Loved some of their performances and then noticed on YouTube that there were quite a few tutorials to perform some of their body percussion pieces.

I'm thinking I will use this with my 5th grade students in the Spring when they are starting to get antsy and middle school-y.  I'm thinking I might use the A and B sections as is and perhaps have students experiment with form in small groups and come up with a C section.  Ideas still in the infant stages with that one. . .

Favorite Pin #5

Lastly, I posted this on my Facebook page as I was so excited when I found it!  The website this book is on has a whole bunch of elementary age books that can be projected.

Inevitably, I have at least one student who complains about not being able to see the pictures. Doesn't matter if I say I will show them when I'm done reading the page OR if I slowly show the book across the class as I am reciting the book. To be fair, some of my books are smaller than I'd like.

BUT with this website, you can look up to see if they have the book you'd like, project it using your computer/projector/SMART Board, enlarge it to full screen and voila!-- no complaints. :-)

So there you go! Hopefully you have found some information/ideas you can use in this linky party. I know I have. :-)


The Week of the Cherries!

This is the woman I can "blame" for my past Thursday-Monday. She's my mother. :-)

She taught me the ins and outs of canning growing up as we had a HUGE garden my father maintained (but we weeded). So growing up we'd do all sorts of canning: peaches, plums, pears, corn, beans, pickles, relish, raspberries, tomatoes, tomato soup-- you get the picture.

I have continued canning now as an adult and parent. I love that I am in charge of what is in my food, and, for the most part, I know exactly what's in it. So needless to say I couldn't possibly pass up the opportunity to harvest so FREE cherries!

This is a picture of the two and half gallon buckets we filled the first day:

The Beginning of Cherry Madness
The second day we were able to pick even more! It was crazy how much this poor neglected tree produced!

Here is a partial picture of my (almost) end result:

The END of Cherry Madness
I couldn't back up anymore without all my empty jars and cherries I jammed later showing up in the background. :-P  I can't wait for all the cherry pie, adding cherries to smoothies, pureeing cherries for a cherry syrup for pancakes, and we are already enjoying some of the cherry jam from one of the containers that didn't quite have enough to process.

Now what does ANY of this have to do with a music blog, you say?

With cherries "on the brain" I have created an activity just like my S'mores activity except with cherries! I'm thinking I'll use it at the beginning of 1st grade when we are reviewing our iconic notation.

**This item will be FREE for download on TPT when I hit 300 followers on TPT!!!**  

As of today, I am only five away. :-) 

(You can get to my store through the link HERE and all you have to do is click on the "Follow Me" right under my name located next to my picture. By doing this, you will not only be informed when I upload new products, but you will also be available to receive any follower-only freebies I send out.)

**UPDATE: 07/02/2014 We made it! Enjoy this product for free download until 07/03/2014!**

As I said before, this is set up just like my S'mores rhythms I used with my Kindergarten students last school year. If you are interested in reading about and downloading the S'mores Rhythm packet, you can do it by clicking HERE.

I SO love the pretty red color!

I am going to have my students read the single cherries as "Mmm" and the connected cherries as "Cher-ries". My up and coming 1st  grade students have already had many experiences with iconic rhythms. So they are used to reading rhythms using all sorts of different words, sounds, etc. that I come up with. You. of course, could adapt this to whatever your students say. :-)

We will also read these using unpitched percussion instruments like triangles, woodblocks, drums, sticks, etc.

When we get to the composition part of our experiences with the cherry rhythms, I decided to include a full sheet for composing

AND a half sheet option

After my experience with the full sheet s'mores rhythms and having them take up a good portion of both sides of the hallway that is available for me to use and using TONS of paper, I liked the idea of a half sheet option.

With my S'mores activity, it worked really well to have a container of one sound in a beat already cut out and another container of two sounds in a beat already cut out set up at the front of the room. My students do have chairs so I sent them up a few at a time to choose which combination of pictures they wanted. Then they would return to their chairs that they used as a desk.  This worked really well. 

I did the same with crayons. Students chose one crayon at a time to color their creation. When they were done, they would go back up and choose another one.  

I was fortunate enough to get lots of glue sticks, but I found that many Kinders wanted to make sure that every. single. bit. of the paper they are gluing is covered in glue. That took too long for me. So I kept some sticks with me and started to quickly help those that had to wait. Students passed off their glue sticks when they were done to others that needed them.  They were very helpful and concerned that everyone had a chance to use the glue. :-)

I hope you like this activity as much as I do! I can't wait to make it available to all you when I hit the big 3-0-0! :-)