S'more Rhythms, Please!

Happy Early Teacher's Appreciation Week! I guess it's happening between May 5th-May 9th this year. I have to admit that being split between two schools, I don't ever get participate in any of the festivities. So it's really not on my radar-- until this year when it was brought to my attention and I wanted to say thanks to YOU!

As one way of my showing appreciation for all you hard-working teachers who read my blog, follow me on Teachers Pay TeachersPinterest, Facebook, or my Twitter feed, I want to share with you a new favorite activity for my Kindergarten students.

I have to start, though, by stating that I LOVE this time of year!

One reason why I love this time of year is because I (personally) am done with concerts!  I have always tried to be done before Spring Break as I find that after Spring Break commitments to sport practices, games, and siblings' games usually trump attendance to and performance in a concert.

Another reason I absolutely love this time of year (besides the fact that I love the sun and it's almost summer break) is that we really get to practice all the skills we've been learning through out the year.

I am so excited to FINALLY get to use this clip art! I was going to use it a looooong time ago, but it "got lost" on my computer until today when I stumbled across it. :-)

In Kindergarten this year we've practiced different "pre-rhythms" that get students ready to identify the musical symbols of quarter note and eighth notes in first grade.  As a fun twist on my usual pre-rhythms and inspired by one of my favorite summer treats, I created this fun little activity for my Kinders!

I thought these would be so much more fun than the pre-rhythms I have used in the past.  I think my students will really love it!

My students are already familiar with the patterns included in this file so I will be able to move very quickly to the composition part of this piece. 

If your students are not already familiar with reading these kind of patterns, you can easily start by displaying through projection or print/laminate the S'mores rhythms and have students begin by imitating you as you say and point "long/short-short" or "big/lit-tle". Later I progress to say and clap. It's really all up to you in what works best with your students and your methodologies.  After your students have had numerous experiences reading these kind of rhythms they will not only be able to do it independently, but they will be ready for the next part of this piece.

I have worksheets set up so that students can create a four beat rhythm.

Thanks to the TpT credits I've been hoarding (you can read more about that HERE) I was able to get the black and white line version of my S'more clip art for FREE! from Scrappin' Doodles. If you have purchased from TpT, it really does pay to leave feedback! :-)

With my line art purchased solely with TpT credits, I was able to create black and white versions of the worksheets. I also included an eight beat composition for students to create later.

This is a pretty simple activity. In the directions, I say to cut and paste, but really, I will have already prepared the beats.  All the students will need to do is to choose which ones they'd like to use. After they have chosen their S'more rhythms, they will read their composition to me and then they can paste.  Thank goodness for glue sticks! There's no way I would have attempted this activity in the "old days" of Elmer's Glue paste.  I have issues with messes in my room.

If you choose, you could probably also print these pages, slip them into page protectors/laminate and just reuse the same S'mores rhythms pieces over and over for each class. I, however, am choosing to use this as a display/take home activity.

This is available for a free download through my Google Drive! I've set this up so that if you click on any of the pictures above, the activity will download straight to your computer.  Nice and easy.  No trying to figure out which button to press to download it. :-)

Also-- as another way to say thank you, I'd like to let you know about the Teacher Appreciation Sale happening on Teachers Pay Teacher this coming week.

It is only happening on Tuesday (May 6th) and Wednesday (May 7th).  It is a site-wide sale which means when you enter the Promo code "TPTXO" in the check out, you will receive an extra discount in addition to the 20% that I will have on all of my products.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week and enjoy!


  1. I LOVE this... but it makes me a little hungry. :D

  2. I agree with David. This looks like a great activity. :)

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  3. Thank you! I can't wait to use this with my K kids