Easter Sale!!!

In conjunction with many other educators (both music and regular classroom) and many artists, I am participating in a sale this Easter weekend on Teachers Pay Teachers!

I will be having my sale both Saturday (4/19/14) and Sunday (4/20/14), and I will be marking everything in my store down 20%. 

This will include my newest rhythm game "Bump!" which you can read more about HERE or you can click on the pic below.

You can also check out these games on my store through the links below!

Another rhythm game I'm super proud of and my students love is "Annoying Aliens".  In this game, students get to use their knowledge of rhythm to read four beat rhythms and they even must compose and read their own four beat rhythms to get through this game. A perfect culminating rhythm activity for this time of year where students really get to practice what they've learned. 

You can read more about "Annoying Aliens" HERE or you can go directly to my store by clicking the picture below. There are also various versions of this game available at my store and a bundled version where you can save by buying all of them at once!

Finally, I'm sharing what I've been wanting for a while now. . . 

This looks, well, awesome. ;-)

This product has been on my wishlist for a while but has never come on sale at a time where I was in a position to purchase it. Until now. Maybe. It has about a billion pages (I exaggerate. . . but only slightly) of fun looking activities that will help my students in learning about and practicing treble clef.  I hope Amy is planning on including it in her sale!!! xx <---That's me crossing my fingers.

Since this one is a little pricier, that's all I've allowed myself to purchase/wish for this sale time around. If it doesn't go on sale, I will have no problem spending the amount I've allowed myself! There's some awesome teachers and products out there, and I look forward to checking it all out! :-D

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