Bump! A Buggy Game to Practice Ta and Ti-Ti

**See end of post for other versions of this game available in my store!**

I have been working on a new game for my music classroom!

This is the time of year where I am finally done with concerts and can concentrate on really practicing all the skills we've been learning throughout the school year in music without much interruption beyond the occasional class that misses their block due to State Testing.

I've seen different variations of the game teachers call "Zap!" around on Pinterest to review math facts and reading and it sounded like fun! So I created "Bump!" because I wanted to use some super cute bug clip art I had and zap sounded like we were exterminating bugs (!), and also because I liked the idea of the bugs being in a parade celebrating the arrival of Spring and trying not to bump into one another.

The idea of the game is to be able to read a rhythm correctly drawn from a deck of shuffled rhythm cards and see if you can be the team/student with the most rhythm cards at the end.

BUT-- there are also some "Bump!" cards included in the deck which, if drawn, force the team/student to have to return all their bug rhythms back to the deck!

Whoever has the most bugs in their rhythm parade at the end of the game is the winner!

There are also a couple twists in this game that I tried out with different classes that need more of a challenge with the current rhythms they are practicing and they worked beautifully. The suggestions are listed in directions of the game.

I love this game for a couple reasons: 1) my first and second graders LOVED it as we did a whole class version of the game this week (I used the low color version that will be available in the TpT versions since I had to use my own paper and ink), and 2) you can make this game as long or quick as you'd like!  Super quick fun for a five minute filler at the end of class or great for smaller group play (after students know how to play it of course) for Music Centers or a game day.

***UPDATE 09/04/2017)*** Fans Only Freebies are no longer allowed on Facebook as per their user agreement. You can still get this version for free by following the link through any of the above pictures to a place on my Google Drive. Click on the arrow in the right hand corner to download your version for free! :-)

The particular version (Ta and Ti-Ti) I am linking all my pics to today is my "Fans Only Freebie" found on my Facebook page.  All you have to do is "Like" my page and click on the the pink "Fans Only Freebie" Tab, and it will automatically download right to your computer! It's that simple.

I am also making some more versions of this game for older students that will be available through my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  -- I have a half note version, a sixteenth note version, and I'll be working on a Ti-Tika (eighth & two sixteenths) and Tika-Ti (two sixteenths & eighth) version soon!

**UPDATE 04/19/14** Check out the links below for the latest updates with this super fun game!


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