My "3 Million Teachers Strong" TpT Sale Finds

This last week was the big "3 Million Teachers Strong" site-wide Teachers Pay Teachers sale!  I featured some of the things on my wishlist on the Wishlist Wednesday linky party I participated in last week.

Here is what I actually came out with (it took A LOT of self-control to keep it at the three I allowed myself).

My first find was a great resource for the new music standards that are to be finalized soon. I love Lindsay Jervis' style and I was not disappointed upon purchasing this.  She has taken the "new" standards and written then into student-friendly language.  These standards are a little daunting upon first reading so the student-friendly language was a huge thing for me.  She will even be updating this file as the standards are updated and finalized!

My next find was a set of really cute houses! I have seen many music teachers use the houses to show and introduce different solfege syllables.  I had not heard about this until last summer, but I liked it so much, I thought I would add it as it makes complete sense as a visual of higher and lower sounds and my students love stories!  I will ONLY be including this idea in my personal classroom presentations and lessons, unless requested, as this is not my original idea. :-)

Finally the last thing I allowed myself to purchase was not even on my radar.  In fact, I kind of stumbled upon it and HAD to have it.  I am in the process of creating an activity with these pictures and I'm starting to get really excited for how it's turning out!

More on my last purchase later, but overall I am very proud of myself for staying within the limit I set for myself (cuz I could have easily gone crazy), very excited to work with the things I DID get, and I must give a thank you again to any and all you that supported my store during this last week's sale.  It was a lot of fun! :-)

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