Los Pollitos: A Spanish Song and Activities for Practicing "Ta" and "Ti-Ti"

It's definitely starting to be Spring-like here in Southern Idaho!

I'm loving the sunshine and the warmth we're getting today.  We might even get warm enough to open the house up!

With all this spring and with Easter around the corner, my mind went directly to all the new little cute animals I'm going to see popping up in the pastures around town.

My favorite is the little baby chicks and ducks!

I love the song "Los Pollitos".  I've taught it to my little Kinders and Firsties for years now, but I wanted to build on it more than I've done in the past.

So now entering my classroom and Teachers Pay Teachers Store:

I absolutely fell in LOVE with the clip art I found. So cute!!!

Of course, the first step to this is learning the song.  I've included traditional notation on the staff for the teacher AND a pronunciation guide and translation for those who need some extra help with Spanish. :-)

I thought of numerous activities that can be done with this song all of which reinforce and have students practice "Ta" and "Ti-Ti".

I've included large four beat rhythm cards:

There are both full-color pages and low color pages for all these activities.

There are small (four to a page) rhythm cards.

I've also included some large "Ta" and "Ti-Ti" cards for a composition activity.

I think it's going to be a lot of fun!


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