Fairy Tale Vocal Exploration {FREEBIE}

My FIRST day of Spring Break!

It. Has. Been. Wonderful!

I've been catching up on some things around my house and managed to get addicted to this television show called "Revolution". I don't have enough of an attention span to just watch a show on Netflix so I've also been working on some of the things I'd like to upload to my store and I happened to run across this simple yet cute and FREE fairy tale clip art on TpT!

With the help of these fun pictures that inspired the project and some other free clip art I've found on TpT, I thought this would be great for some vocal exploration slides for my younger students and even an assessment tool for high and low.

These are a couple slides from the end product, and I thought I'd keep with the FREE part of this find today. :-)

I felt pretty clever using the dragonfly with the knights. 

And here's our crazy wolf trying to get to grandma's house.

Enjoy! Don't forget to rate it if you download and I'd love your feedback!