Annoying Aliens! A Center Game for Practicing Ta, Ti-Ti, and Rest

**See the end of this post for links to other versions of this game!**

Those annoying aliens are at it again!

I now have another version that uses quarter note, barred eighth notes, and quarter rest that I've just upload to my Teachers Pay Teachers' store.

This is a great game to have for small groups or music centers!

I made it with anywhere from 2 to 4 players in mind.

Students start out with a stack of rhythm cards face down:

There are also some "human!" cards mixed in.  It's your choice as a teacher how many are included, and they are also face down with the others.

Each student has a four beat rhythm card slipped into a page protector, a dry erase marker, and eraser.

Students take turn drawing rhythm cards.  They each must read and clap the rhythm correctly to receive a point.  If students do not read the rhythm correctly, they do not receive their point.

If they run into a "human!" card, they must compose their own ta, ti-ti, and/rest rhythm AND read it correctly to receive a point.

The student with the most points when the cards run out has gotten back to the mother ship first and is the winner! Or you can play it less competitively where all students must get to "x" amount of points to have gotten back to the ship. 

I've also included low color slides in case you'd like to save some of your ink to another project. :-)

I think your kids will love it!

If you'd like to check out a mini-version of this game, check it out HERE to download for free. :-)

**UPDATE: 03/26/14** I just added my sixteenth notes version of this game, Tika-Ti version, and Ti-Tika version.


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