Wishlist Wednesday Linky Party

In celebration of TpT being 3 million teachers strong (!) they are having a big site-wide sale this weekend! I thought I'd draw up some of my favorite items that I've been looking at and "wishing" for on this wonderful Wednesday morning and I'm linking up with some awesome music teachers I know over on Amy Abbott's amazing blog!

I thought I'd show you some of the ideas I'm working on that I hope to be on the website by this weekend first!  

**UPDATE: 2/26/14 It's uploaded and the pics are linked!!!**

I am working on a "Re Unit" for my students (our district is really pushing it this year).  One of the songs in that unit is the good old classic that 2nd graders love: Closet Key.

Here are some slides from this particular song I'm working on! (I will make the pics hyperlinked to my store when I upload the product later today!)

This is the first slide they'll see with keys for the beat.

I have some really cute rhythm slides I'm working on.  Then we start with slides that show the melodic contour of the song with the words.  After that we progress to the solfege letters with "?" being Re as we haven't labeled it yet.

Eventually we'll get to seeing the song in standard notation.  I'm planning on having this written up as three-lined staff slides and five-line staff slides for younger and older learners depending on where you're students are in the journey into solfege. :-)

Now for MY wishlist of some things I've been eyeing on TpT!

I have been reading and mentally "digesting" the new Music Standards that will be coming into play within the next couple months (you can read more about those here) and I happened to see that Lindsay Jervis was on the ball and uploaded a cute set of these standards which she says she will be updating as the new standards are updated. Perfect! :-)

I have also been eyeing A LOT of clip art lately!  These are some designs I am looking at purchasing:


Don't forget to check out some of the other great music teachers and the products on their "Wednesday Wishlists" by following the link in the TpT sale pic above.  A bunch of great ideas!

Check out my store (I will have everything there on sale!) by following the link in the pic below!  

Happy shopping!

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  1. Thanks for featuring my standards set! I'd love to get your feedback on them! It has been interesting to follow how they have progressed since this summer and I am sure there will be more edits to come before they are finalized! (Hopefully not too many!)