Pot O' Gold: So Mi Solfege and Rhythm Game

It's getting closer and closer to Spring!  I am starting to dream of those sunny warm days and can't wait for them to get here again.  We've been a bit spoiled this year in southern Idaho with a warmer winter thus far, but now we've had another cold front with dreariness move in and I needed a bit of a pick-me-up so I HAD to pull out some St. Patrick's Day ideas. Because by the time March gets here, it should be getting warmer right? Right? ;-)

My Cup of Cocoa game was fairly popular on Teachers Pay Teachers and I'm hoping all the classes who were able to play it enjoyed it.

This game is set up much like that with the exception that it's St. Patrick's Day themed, of course.

Objective Students will see who can get the most pieces of gold for their pots while reviewing So and Mi on the staff and incorporating their knowledge  of reading simple rhythms using quarter note and barred eighth notes.

Set up Open this file in Adobe Acrobat reader. Go to the menu bar across the top of the open file.  Select “View”.  Scroll down and select “Full Screen Mode”.  Use the arrows on the keyboard to get to the first pot-o-gold melody slide.  Use your mouse to click on the appropriate gold reward hyperlink after each group performs.  Use your mouse to click on the words “Luck is with you!”  or the coins number rewards to hyperlink to the next group’s pot-o-gold melody slide.

Directions Review So and Mi aurally in a “follow-me” fashion. Include rhythmic melodies using quarter note and eighth notes.  Divide the class into two groups. Each group takes turns reading the melodic and rhythmic gold phrases. Groups have a few seconds (your choice on the specifics) to figure out the rhythm and the melody of their melody. 

The singing group receives  one gold in their pot for reading some of the melody correctly,  

two gold  for reading it most of it correctly (either  rhythm correct OR melody correct), 

and three gold for reading it all (both rhythm and melody) correctly. The teacher keeps a running total of which team has the most gold for their pots, 

and the group with the most gold for their pots at the end of the game wins!

A fun addition to this game would be some shiny gold coins from Oriental Trading Company or even some pots to hold each team's coins

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