Monday Music Manipulatives!

It's been a while since I've joined up with other bloggers so I thought I'd join another Link Up on this President's Day off!  Today I'm linking up with the wonderful Lindsay Jervais at Pursuit of Joyfulness who is kind enough to host.

My students, no matter what age, love using manipulatives!

****The manipulative I am going to share today is not my idea and I can't remember which music teacher's blog I have gotten from.  So if it's yours, let me know so I can credit you!****

I print and then slide the sheets pictured below into page protectors with one sheet showing on one side with the other on the opposite side.  I purchased the page protectors that have a little lip on the end to keep the papers from sliding out.  It was SO worth the extra $1 or so so I didn't have papers falling out all the time.

I've printed some of the pages on cardstock and some others are printed on regular paper with a piece of cardstock in between the two pages.  Either way has been fine as long as it is ultimately a little heavier than regular paper.

Each student receives one of the beat/staff sheets, a marker, and a little square of felt for an eraser. Currently, I have the markers and erasers both stored in a little baggie for easy and quick passing out. We review proper use for markers (write gently, only write what we are working on, only write on your paper, etc) and then we do whatever activity I am having students practice.

Since we are out of school today and due to restrictions on posting photos of students, I cannot post this activity "in action" but I promise you the kids love it.  In fact, the last time I pulled these out in 1st grade, one of my 1st grade classes broke out in a cheer.  Funny kiddos. :-) They get so excited over getting to use markers!

I use this particular page for line and space identification, S-M, S-M-L, D-R-M, four beat rhythmic dictation, things like that.

And I use this page for students to do more extensive composition.  Students can write out using actual notation and dry erase markers or they can use another manipulative, like pom-poms or something like that, to show one sound in a beat, two sounds in a beat, or no sounds in a beat.

These sheets have become a staple for my music classroom and writing rhythms and melodies. I have fancier ones that I use for particular times of year or certain songs, but while these are super basic with no frills whatsoever, my students still love it when I pull them out.

I have hyperlinked the pictures to my Google Drive so if you'd like them for your classroom, you can certainly use them!

Just so you know, I have experienced two ways to download things from people's Drives.  One way is to follow the link above, and when the page loads you will see the word "File" in the top left hand corner.  Click on it and scroll down to "Download", select, and follow the prompts.

The other way starts the same by following the linked picture to my Drive.  A picture of the desired page will pop up with a black somewhat opaque background. In the bottom right hand part of the screen will be a grey button with an arrow.  Click on the arrow and your download should begin.

Either way, I know your students will have a blast with this easy but versatile manipulative.

Enjoy! And thanks again, Lindsay, for hosting this and inviting people to join!

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