It's a Super Sale!

I'm normally not much of a football fan. In fact, for the good part of this week I kept trying to figure out why a boy at school was wearing a U.S. Postal Service hat with, what looked like to me, the eagle you see on the sides of mail trucks etc. My children, after laughing at their momma, kindly explained.

So, obviously, I really have no idea what's going to be happening in the game tonight, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate! After all, we have Renée Fleming to look forward to singing the National Anthem!!! And I've also heard this is the one time of the year you WANT to watch the commercials.

So, much to my children's excitement (especially my teenage son's), we've loaded up on the fun snacks and we're watching the Super Bowl!

I thought too that we should celebrate this momentous time in my life ;-) by throwing a SALE! at my TpT store. So for today and Monday you can purchase anything in my store and save 20%!

Thanks to Primary Possibilities for the cute graphic!


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