Five Favorite Pins of February

I always take a little time before I finally participate in the "Five Favorite Pins" linky party.  One reason is that I just don't make myself stop and sit down long enough to write it, and the second reason is: I can only pick five?!?! Really and truly, I am a Pinterest addict.

However, with a day off of school today, not only have I been working on things for my store, but I've also been updating my blog and participation in linky parties!  It's been a busy but fulfilling day.

Thank you to the fabulous, Aileen Miracle for hosting this linky party!

Alrighty, here it goes. . .

Fave Pin #1:

Movement is SO important in the music classroom.  I happened to stumble upon this link to a dance teacher's website.  I have heard of and use some of these ideas she has listed, but I came across some new props to use in our movement activities.  Check it out!

Fave Pin #2:

Movement must be on my mind or maybe it's all those wiggly kiddos from being indoors all day since we've had a bunch of rainy days here in Idaho, but my 2nd favorite pin also relates to movement.  I thought these would be perfect for an animal/farm song unit with Kindergarten or just because.

There are six cards in this set which is a perfect number for Kindergarten age and the pictures are so cute!

Fave Pin #3:

This is posted on the door at one of my schools and immediately next to the door at the other school I teach at.  This is what I am telling my older students as they are starting to get into more challenging pieces on recorder and ukulele right now.

I always tell my students if they come in, work hard, and do their best, they will get better than what they were before they came in.  Whether we are naturally talented or we have to concentrate and struggle all the way through, we should always work hard to do our very, very best otherwise we won't improve. 

Fave Pin #4:

I have recently (the beginning of this year) found a new love in bucket drumming.  You can read more about my journey into bucket drumming madness (don't worry it's the good kind) HERE. I just found this fun and relatively simple bucket drumming routine on Pinterest/You Tube.  Love some of the ideas here!  And while my bucket drums are nowhere near the size that this teacher has, it's given me some great ideas of what I could do with my collection of drums this coming year with my upcoming 4th and 5th grade students.

Fave Pin #5:

I am always looking for new and different ways to help my students create their own musical pieces.  After all, when they create things that is when I can really see and know what they understand.  The pic and post below gave me the idea to compose with boomwhackers/bells.  Both of which I am lucky enough to have plenty of in my classroom.  I like the color coordination of the papers with the instruments.  I think I would use letter names for my older students and I would limit the boomwhackers/bells to the solfege we know for the younger students.

I think I would also add rhythm cards for younger students and have older students' record their rhythmic compositions.  Then I would eventually have them write their compositions combining melody and rhythm on staff paper.  

I think this could be a brilliant end of the year activity when things have slowed down and it would really give students a chance to show what they know about music.

Hope you all have found maybe something you could use in your classrooms from the ideas I found and love!  

Thanks again to Aileen for hosting!


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