The New Year Return and Rules

Coming back from a long break always brings students who have "forgotten" the procedures and rules for the music classroom.  Normally, I quickly go through the rules and we move on, but this year I decided to do something different!

I took four of my five big classroom rules and wrote them rhythmically.  That part is not my original idea.  I got it from Pinterest or a blog I follow or somewhere.  I don't recall.

Anyway. . .

I wrote them up rhythmically and kept it pretty simple so I could use it across numerous grades (2nd-5th).

This is the process for my 2nd graders:

1. Read the rhythm.
2. Introduce "repeat sign"
3. Read independently with repeat.
4. Add words.
5. Add an action that can be performed to reflect behavior expected (teacher or students created depending on time)
6. Repeat with other rules.

This is the procedure for 3rd grade:

1. Same as 2nd grade's steps 1-4.
2. Students create actions for rule rhythm
3. Perform each rule using the slide that displays all four! (pictured at the bottom)

Process for 4th grade:

1. Same as 2nd grade's steps 1-4.
2. Students create actions.
3. Split students into two groups and have students perform the rhythms simultaneously (see pic below)

Procedure for 5th grade:

1. Same as 2nd grade's steps 1-4.
2. Split class into 4 groups.
3. Students create actions.
4.  Each group performs independently.
5.  Groups perform simultaneously while watching for cut-offs and entrances.

This was MUCH more fun to me that spitting out a bunch of rules students have heard "ad nauseum" and usually get a bit glassy-eyed for the minute or two it takes.  Yes, it took more time, but it was hopefully a much more memorable experience and we got to review some musical things too!

This was kind of a last minute "a-ha" idea I had on Sunday evening and I frankly really didn't want to spend a bunch of time on this to get it ready for my TpT website so I've just put it in my Google Drive for easy access.  Any of the above pictures will link you to my Google Drive.  If you want it, all you have to do is download it by clicking the arrow in the upper right hand corner! :-)  

I'm pretty sure I even have it set up so that you don't even have to sign in with any sort of Google account.


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