Love Notes: Treble Clef Staff Word Games

I decided to go ahead and extend my "Love Notes" game to include treble clef word cards.  My 5th graders are beyond just needing to review individual notes.  They need a bit more of a challenge.

I've included cards with a cute monster pic. . .

. . .and without as I have those classes where adding the monster would just not fly. ;-)

Here are some of the many activities that you can play when using these cards:

Using “Full Screen Mode” with your computer and projector, use treble clef word pages as flashcards where students figure out  the words spelled out in heart notes on the staff.

Print out and laminate envelope word pages for teacher. Print enough copies of blank treble clef page for the entire class. Slip each staff paper into a page protector.  Distribute  dry erase markers for each student and an eraser (I use small rectangular cuts of felt).  Display a Envelope card and students draw a circles around the spaces & lines to spell the word.  Another option would be to find some of those cute little heart erasers you can find at Oriental Trading or Target if you don’t want students to be handling markers.

Print and laminate either large or small treble clef word pages.  Play the “Fly Swatter” game.  Divide class into two groups.  Display note words on the board in a random order.  Have one person from each team come to the board.  Give each student a fly swatter (before I had swatters we just used our hands).  The teacher calls out a note word and students must try to be the first to find the correct card.  I play that they only get one chance to select a card with their fly swatter to eliminate any who think they could just randomly swat until they get the correct one.

Print and laminate one set of envelope pages and one set treble clef word cards.  Print enough copies to have one set per small groups in you class.  Play as a memory game.


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