Love Notes: Line/Space Numbers AND Treble Clef Staff Review

It's time to start thinking songs and activities for February!

I have students that are getting ready to identify lines and spaces AND I've got students learning recorder and need review games.

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Love Notes is a group of pages that will help both groups of students.

For the younger students, we are going to be talking about line notes and space notes.  Here are a couple suggested activities:  

Print and laminate one copy each of treble clef card and use as flashcards.  Students identify if the note (heart) is a line note or a space note.

Print and laminate one copy each of envelope pages for teacher.  Print enough copies of blank treble clef page for the entire class. Slip each treble clef paper into a page protector.  Distribute  dry erase markers for each student and an eraser (I use small rectangular cuts of felt).  Display a Line/Space card and students draw a circle around the space/line that matches.  Another option would be to find some of those cute little heart erasers you can find at Oriental Trading or Target if you don’t want students to be handling markers.

Print and laminate small envelope line/space pages and treble clef pages pages .  Print enough copies to have one set for numerous small groups in you class.  Play as a memory game to review line/space numbers.

Any of these activity suggestions can be done with the pages for the treble clef staff with the addition of these ideas:

Print and laminate two sets of treble clef pages.  Print and laminate one set of envelope pages for the teacher.  Split class into two groups.  Have each group of students on one side of the room while setting up their cards on the opposite side of the room.  Show one of the line/space cards and one student from each team races to their cards and tries to identify and bring back the correct card first.  The first team to have the correct card back to their side of the room gets a point.  The team with the most points wins!  You could, of course,  also do this to review line/space numbers.

Print and laminate envelope pages.  Have students go to the board and draw the note on the staff.  You could also play this competitively if desired.

Print and laminate either large treble clef pages or small treble clef pages.  Play the “Fly Swatter” game.  Divide class into two groups.  Display notes on the board in a random order.  Have one person from each team come to the board.  Give each student a fly swatter (before I had swatters we just used our hands).  The teacher calls out a note name and students must try to be the first to find the correct note.  I play that they only get one chance to select a note with their fly swatter to eliminate any who think they could just randomly swat until they get the correct note.

Use large or small treble clef pages as flashcards and use in a quick individual assessment of note names of the treble clef lines and spaces.


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