Five Favorite Pins of January Linky Party

Thought I'd participate in my very first linky party and share five of my favorite pins for January that I think will be great fun in my music classroom!  A big thanks to Aileen Miracle for setting this up.  You can get to her website through the pic below.


I am ALWAYS looking for new ways to organize my room/lesson plans/resources/etc. 

I move between two schools and I don't always get everything I'd like to get done at one school before it's time to change to the other school.  I am usually toting things around between both of them.

Here's where I my first fave pin of this month is going to "save the day" and my brain as I'm searching through my bag for that "paper that needed to get copied" or whatever I happen to toting around in a given week:

Why have I NEVER thought of this?!? I already love these little things, but to label them? I think so!


My next pin has to do with positive reinforcement. One of my schools is participating in the PBIS program and one of the things we've really been focusing on is noticing the positive behavior of our students. Many of the teachers have adopted some sort of positive behavior chart on which students can move up throughout the week/month.  Up to this point, I've always rewarded students by having them be my helpers, or getting to first to play on instruments, or getting to be first to line up.  Something like that.  It has always seemed to work well for most classes.  Then I found this and wondered if it could help with those couple of classes that are a little harder to motivate behavior-wise.

I was thinking I could purchase a small music trophy of sort with this and classes will have a point system much like the board above.  The class with the most points in a month would get their picture taken with the trophy and displayed on the music door for next month.

Just an idea I'm still thinking about, but I loved the name of this one. :-)


My next pin has to do win literacy in the classroom.  I love books to music!  It's so much fun, but with the shift to Common Core in Idaho means I need to shift my view slightly when it comes to book in the music classroom.  

Up to this point, I've always used fiction books.  I plan on continuing some of my favorite fiction books, but now I think I need to use some more NONfiction books.

Enter. . .

This pin has all sorts of books I could add to my Reading Music Center!

I also think I could probably come up with some sort of rhythmic or melodic bit that could go along with some of the books listed in the pin. 

Most all of these books are perfect for Jazz Appreciation Month coming up in a couple months too!  I'm looking forward to checking these out more thoroughly and perhaps adding a some to my classroom.


Another organization thing.  

I'm pretty much obsessed with organization and my current little desk organizer NEVER has enough room for the things I want to have right at my fingertips, AND I also have the "first world problem" of not wanting to open desk drawers to get to things.  I just want things there and ready to go.

When I saw this, I know that I'm going to have to start hoarding emptied cans of various sizes for this project:

Choose some super cute music themed scrapbooking paper and some modge podge.  Fun and I'll have all sorts of things at my fingertips!


This one is my favorite!  

This is obviously a pin to number matching game, but I thought I could change it in a couple of different ways for my music classroom.

The original pin is to an activity on Dr. Jean's website, but here are my ideas:

First, you could use it as a simple matching game like above.  Match the musical symbol on the cup with the symbol on the card.

Or you could use it as a match the symbol to the word.

You could make a "Bingo" game of sorts with this.

This one is my favorite: draw the number of circles/beats you'd like students to compose.  Students draw the musical notation on the cup using a dry erase marker and then perform their rhythms on the cup like drums using their fingers like drum sticks. "Cup Composition" if you will. :-)

Oh, the possibilities!

I will not include how to participate in this, as this is my first and I'm still figuring it all out, but Aileen has very clear instructions on her website linked above through the Linky Party pic at the top of this post.



  1. Thanks so much for participating, Malinda! Lots of great ideas! :)

  2. Hi Malinda! I'm so happy to have found your blog via the 5 Favorite Pins! Great pins and great blog! I'm a follower on TpT, too! What great possibilities for that cup game! I love your cup composition idea! "Sing"-cerely, Tina (The Totally "Tuned-in" Teacher) :)