New blog! And 1st Grade Rhythms.

UPDATE!!! (09/09/2013):  I have since "cute-ified" my 1st grade rhythms!  You can find them at the cute-ified link below. :)
I really would like to start sharing the things I have created thus far for my elementary (K-5) music classes.  I'm a bit behind on the whole Teachers Pay Teachers bit and I plan on getting there one day, but for now, I am happy sharing what I have for free.

I've save the things I've created on Google Drive and you will need a Google ID to get there.  If you have a Gmail account, you've got one.  If you don't, it's super easy, fast, and FREE to create one.

The picture below links to the basic rhythms I use in 1st grade.  I pull these particular "flashcards" out about once a month (while reinforcing with other activities of course) and we usually start reading these mid-October after students have learned about Ta, Ti-Ti, and Rest (we whisper "rest" as opposed to "sh")  . We begin by reading while I track and through our practice saying and playing (body percussion, rhythm instruments, boomwhackers, etc) throughout the year my students can ROCK 'em ! They think it's so hilarious when they don't need my help to track or identify notes by their real name anymore and I make a big deal out of them being such good readers and play like I will just get to take a break while they do that part of music class! :)

How do I get this for free?  Click on the hyperlinked picture above and it will take you to my Google Drive.  In the top left hand corner of the page that loads you will find the word "File". Click on it and scroll down to "Download as".  Select a format and your download should begin immediately!