The Snowflakes Meet Their Match! A Solfege Game for Kodaly Classrooms

I created this matching game for So-Mi, So-La-Mi, and Do-Re-Mi a little while ago and wasn't very pleased with how it turned out. BUT. . .

Links to my So-Mi Matching Game

Then I found some cute owl clip art, some lovely snowy background paper and changed up a few other things and I'm much more pleased with how these games look.

Links to my So-Mi-La Matching Game

I think my classes will enjoy these games as described below and when I do Music Centers as the Memory Games I currently have are always among the most popular.

Links to my Do-Re-Mi Matching Game
I've set this up so you can play this a few different ways.

Firstly, you could print, cut and laminate these as cute flashcards to do during the winter season.

Or, you could print cut and laminate the larger cards for yourself and enough copies of the smaller sets for your students that could be stored in little baggies when not in use.  Then, for example, you could show the word/letter cards and students could match the melody on the staff using either the line So/Do cards or the space So/Do cards.

You could also set this up as you regular Memory Game where you print a set of cards, cut, and laminate and students play as a memory game where they find the two melody cards that match.  Or you could have them match the staff cards with the word/letter cards.  Or you could have the match the line So/Do cards with the space So/Do cards.

The possibilities can go on and all from one set of cards!

I also included a bundled set that includes the So-Mi, So-Mi-La AND The Do-Re-Mi games all in one zipped file!
Links to the Bundled Set

Hope these are useful to you this winter season!  Enjoy! :-)

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