Voice Exploration: What DOES the Fox Say?

With 2 1/2 teenagers at my house (one is a preteen) I have been hearing this song A LOT so I couldn't resist the idea of creating the following activity for my elementary music students.

In this FREEBIE currently on TpT (you can click on any of the pictures to get there) I've provided a link to the music video on YouTube if you are unfamiliar with this piece that has recently become so popular.  There are seven actual vocal exploration slides.

They start out basic in the way students follow the dotted line with their voices.

Going through the slides they increasingly become more involved in the vocal movement while not getting "too crazy".

This is perfect for your younger grades (K-2) but I think with the current popularity of the song you could probably also "sell" this to your older grades.

At the end, I've included a link to a YouTube video that has some different fox calls on it.  It was very intriguing to hear what sound the fox actually makes.

I also plan on using these slides as the Winter Break comes closer and students are a bit more fidgety. I plan to have them not only use their voices but also their entire bodies as we follow the fox through the woods.

Any way you decide to use this, I hope you and your class enjoy it!

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