Time to add some La to your So-Mi-ing? So Mi La Cards

If your students are just learning So and Mi, check out my So Mi Cards post!

After experience with aural, kinesthetic, and written So Mi, traditionally teachers at La to the mix.  I've added So, Mi, La Cards to my Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) store.  These cards are set up much like my So Mi cards with, of course, the addition of La.

These cards are set up not only for students to be able to read projected or printed melodies based on So, Mi and La, but also could be used as posters for your classroom and for activities within the music classroom.  Activity ideas are included in the packet.  You can click on any of the pictures to take you my store!

I've included three note three line staff melodies for students who have had little experience with a staff, and I've included three note five line staff melodies for older students who have had some experience with the staff but this is perhaps this is some their first experiences with melodic training.

Melodies are colorful circles in lines or spaces, or they are also written in standard quarter note notation.

I've also made sure to include line So and space So to assist students in the realization that these melodic intervals can happen in various parts of the staff.

I've also included standard black notation for the teachers who prefer their students reading that.

Enjoy! :-)

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