Students 1st Experience with Written Melodies: So Mi Solfege Cards

I'm so excited to have uploaded my complete So Mi Cards to Teachers Pay Teachers!  In this PDF file I've included three note melodies that will help your students formally visualize what they have been aurally and kinesthetically been practicing in their music classroom.  Also included are some activity ideas that you can use in assisting your students in this process. You can click on any of the pictures to take you to me store!

What I love about these cards is that not only can they be used as flashcards (either projected or printed) or colorful posters for your classroom, but they can also be printed for games and melodic writing activities.

I've also made sure to include a variety of ways you can share these cards with your students: three lined staff for the younger grades that have yet to gain much experience with a staff and a five lined staff version for older students who have had more experience with the staff but perhaps are new to interval training. Also some teachers prefer to teach their students So in a space and others prefer So in a line.  So I've included that too.

Lastly, some teachers prefer to see regular notation or notation that is your standard black.  So I've also included this in these slides for the teachers who prefer it.

Hope you find something in these slides for your students who are just starting their adventure in melodic interval training! To check out a free sample of these cards, check out THIS blog post.

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