Five Fat Turkeys and Rhythms for the Kodaly and Orff Classroom

I recently posted an interactive lesson (for MIMIO) on entitled "Five Fat Turkeys and Turkey Rhythms".  I think you'll find it's a lot of fun!  See the picture below for a direct link.

**UPDATE! 11/06/13** If you do not have a Mimio, I have uploaded other versions of this same lesson for Smartboard, PowerPoint, and a printable PDF version!

I this lesson students learn the song "Five Fat Turkeys" (one of my favorites for the lower grades!).  They review the rhythms they know so far.  I've included several slides that include different combinations of Ta, Ti-Ti, quarter note and rest, half note and rest, and barred and flagged eighth notes.

After reviewing the rhythms, students are led to discover that words have been assigned to each rhythm.  There are suggestions for movements to accompany the words OR you could certainly use your own!

As this particular posting is a Mimio file, students are able to drag and create their own four beat rhythms!

Students then sing the song followed by acting out and reading the rhythms created.  The form is AB repeated.  So then you would choose a new student or students to create a new rhythm!

From start, teaching the song to end a few time repeating the complete form, I time this lesson at about 12-15 minutes.  I don't like staying on any one activity for too long, especially in the lower grades, so this would obviously be accompanied by many other activities and musical learning experiences.

At the schools I teach, this lesson would be appropriate for the 1st-3rd grades.  However, your students could be at a completely different level than mine in their music learning.  So use it where you can! :-)

I will be posting other forms of this lesson plan (Smartboard, PowerPoint, PDF) soon!

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