Cup of Cocoa Solfege and Rhythm Game for So-Mi, So-Mi-La, and Mi-Re-Do

In getting ready for the winter season, I am trying to create things that all my students can participate in within the music classroom.  I have quite a few students who do not celebrate holidays or they don't celebrate traditional American winter holidays, so I am trying to go beyond Christmas trees, Rudolph, etc.

Hence--the creation of "Cup of Cocoa"!

I love hot cocoa in the winter time!  And adding extras like chocolate, mint, and marshmallows is the stuff of winter dreams to me. :-)

So I thought I'd combine my love for hot cocoa and the intervals we are working on in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade.

This game steps up the requirements for students in reading notes on the staff.  I typically start students on the staff with just pictures in the lines/space or round note heads, but now we are starting to get to the point where we are ready to add some rhythm.

I'm keeping it generally easy by only using quarter notes and barred eighth notes, and as students come more proficient, I will create more games in which they can read more complex rhythms with the solfege.

I've created this So-Mi game for my 1st graders (Click on any of the pictures and it will connect you with my TpT store for the game on which you clicked).

S-M Game

As explained before in this game students combine their ability in read and sing the intervals they've been practicing on the staff with simple rhythm.

S-M Game

Start by reviewing aurally melodies for the game which you desire to play with you students.  Include rhythm (quarter notes and eighth notes) in a "copy me" or "follow me" style.

S-M Game

Here are some pics from the So-Mi-La game for my 2nd graders.

Split the class into two groups.  You can either do this by where they sit or more strategically by ability.

S-M-L Game

Open the PDF file and put into "Full Screen Mode" as explained in the directions.

Groups take turns reading the melodies written on the slides.

S-M-L Game

Groups have a small amount of time (your choice-- you know your students better than I) to figure out the rhythm and melody.  If students only get a small part of the melody and rhythm correct, click on the word "some".  There students will receive 1 treat for their team.  This could be as simple as a point written on the board to some sort of item (like little erasers, etc) to show what they've earned for their team.

This will hyperlink you to a page with one treat.  I've switched out what treats go in in what order to make it more interesting.

Here's a couple screen shots from the Mi, Re, Do game for my 3rd grade students.

M-R-D Game

M-R-D Game

If students are able to get most of the melody.  For example, they get the rhythm correct OR they get the melody correct, then click on "Most" where students will receive 2 treats.

Finally, if students are able to get both the melody and rhythm of the treat card correct, click on "All!" and it will take you to a 3 treat card.

At the end of the game, which ever team has the most point, items, etc.  They're team is the winner!  I generally have the winners give themselves a pat on the back and the satisfaction of winning as a prize, but you could, of course, reward your winning team in the way you feel appropriate for your classroom.

MRD Game

Hope these games help your students review S-M, S-M-L, and M-R-D on the staff in a fun way with a bit of rhythm thrown in too for a little extra challenge!

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  1. Wow, this is super fun! Thanks for sharing your idea and slides =)