Cup of Cocoa: Do-Re-Mi-So / La,-Do-Re-Mi / Bundled Set

I just posted "Cup of Cocoa" games for Do-Re-Mi-So and La,-Do-Re-Mi to my TpT store!  If you want directions for the activity click on the link provided.

I've included some pictures from the activities themselves.  The picture below is from the D-R-M-S game.

D-R-M-S Game
In this particular activity, I've also included flagged eighth notes.  I always feel like my students don't get to see eighth notes written this way enough.

D-R-M-S Game flagged eighth notes
To get my older students some more experience in reading melodies based on Low La (La,) I also created a L,-D-R-M Cup of Cocoa game.  Again, I included flagged eighth notes.

L,-D-R-M Game
I've also put all the "Cup of Cocoa" games together in a bundled set that includes the S-M, S-M-L, M-R-D, D-R-M-S, and L,-D-R-M games.  The link for the bundled games is in the picture below.

Bundled Set
I'm really excited for these activities in my classes!  It's a great way to assess my students' abilities to read and sing melodies and rhythms while also including all my students in the music learning process as not all of them celebrate the holidays.

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