Active Listening: In the Hall of the Mountain King

Who doesn't love acting out the story of Peer Gynt going deep into the caves of Norway, bumping into a bunch of trolls, and then running out of the caves while being chased down by the Mountain King and his guards?  I know I LOVE doing this piece every October with my students and it's a favorite from my 1st graders all the way to 5th. It is one of my all time favorites!

Sometimes, however, I want to do a bit more with this piece or maybe something a little different for that particular 5th grade class that might be "too cool" to pretend they're running through caves. ;-)  As I've listened to this piece I realized the rhythms are quite simple and repetitive. Initially I thought I could do the activity with just two lines of rhythm that repeated itself, and then I thought I had better extend it to four as I typically have four rows of students in my classes and it would be more interesting to have four different unpitched percussion instruments playing throughout than just two.

So below is a picture link to the results of my endeavors and my first Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) post.  I succumbed and decided it would probably be easier for people to be able to access my things through that website than Google.  Plus, I just LOVE TpT!

Enjoy! :-)