1st-3rd: So La Mi Cards

These are my so-mi cards I use for 1st and 2nd grade students.  I don't introduce these for a while in 1st grade, and with my 2nd grade students these are review. There are eight pages for your students to read, one set with line so and one set with space so.

**UPDATE 02/14/14: If you are looking for a larger variety of so-mi-la cards that include both a three and five line staff set of cards, traditional quarter note notation, line S and space S options, and suggestions for use, check out my So-Mi cards, S-M-L cards, or Bundled Set in my TPT store! :-)**

How to get this for free? Follow the link in the picture, and in the top right corner there will be an arrow.  Click the arrow and download to your computer!


  1. I put this comment on an older post, but I wasn't sure if you would see it.

    If you ever want help getting started on TPT, I think you would have great luck selling your creations. They are very well put together! I have a blog post on getting started on TPT: http://www.pursuitofjoyfulness.blogspot.com/2013/07/getting-started-on-teachers-pay-teachers.html

    Also, feel free to email me if you have any questions or would like help!


    1. Thanks, Lindsay! I'll definitely keep you in mind. I already follow your store on TpT and I love your things. They are not only cute but quality materials for the elementary music classroom. I appreciate your offer and when I get on that ball, you'll be the first I ask for help. Thanks again! :-)