1st-3rd: So La Mi Cards

These are my So La Mi cards I use for 1st-3rd grade.  I don't introduce these for a while in 1st grade, and with 2nd-3rd these are review. There are six pages for your students to read.

**UPDATE 02/14/14: If you are looking for a larger variety of So-Mi-La cards that include both a three and five line staff set of cards, traditional quarter note notation, line S and space S options, and suggestions for use, check out my So-Mi cards, S-M-L cards, or Bundled Set in my TPT store! :-)**

How to get this for free? Follow the link in the picture, and in the top left corner of the page that loads there should be a button that says "File".  Click on "File" and there should be an option for you to "Download".  Click on that and it should begin downloading immediately!